What Is a Payday Loan?

Lately, we can all discover some empowerment, prevalent to companies that do payday loans. They have massive recognition and keep providing people with reminder ads: in the tube, on the shop walls, online,wife finer and etc. At the same time, most people are confused. Who gives money to those organizations and how exactly the whole system works?

As it turned out, you need to be pretty cautious when doing this smallest innocent act of loaning instant money before your usual paycheck comes. There are quite a lot of decent companies on the market that are capable of providing a clear transaction, so you don’t get into trouble. However, sometimes fraudsters and scammers might hide under the banner of a 100% liquid bank. So today we will try to differentiate those banks and find out where they get their money from.

  • How does the whole system work?
  • All financial services, declaring to provide you with money before payday are doing what they exactly claim – loaning you money. The sums are rather little. When it comes to timing – they actually require paying back in a week or in a month at its maximum. You need to take one more fact into consideration: if a client continues working with their back, loaning money and paying it back without delays, their timing will increase, as the bank has a trust-gaining system. Most trustworthy and devoted clients get the biggest sums.

    The procedure is rather easy, too. From the moment of signing up an application to providing the bank with needed information to getting money, it takes as much as half an hour at most. Most of the banks declare or withdraw your offers in 20 minutes, so there is no time waste.

    The process of getting money is rather simple and technological. There is no need to search for their department and go to a physical bank. You can sign up an application on a website, then polite and nice call-center managers will call you back with a result.

    Often the call is substituted with the SMS notification that comes to the phone number you’ve previously left in your online application form: the first SMS comes with the notification of the acceptance of the application (if it is made in accordance with the requirements), the second SMS is the result of a check, to put it simply with an answer whether you will get money from this bank.

    The creditor company should not:

    • take money for processing / rechecking applications;
    • offer membership or other regular contributions to qualify a loan;
    • accept money, except for payment for financial services;
    • provide intermediary or any other services, except financial;
    • require deposits and guarantors;
    • promise large loans.

  • Some myths about payday loans
  • Those with a bad credit history are not invited

    It is the most common myth. This is not entirely true. After submitting applications for loans to about a dozen companies, you can still receive notifications about accessing credit history. Conclusion: some companies still use this method of verification. But it’s highly individual.

    Fast money payers won’t send collectors to your door

    Some people think that this business is not serious and nobody is going to search for you. Not true. Since these companies came to the market a long time ago and they are here to stay, they have the same instruments of influence on the debtor as the usual bank has.

    Fast money is a great way to receive cash before the payday, but you should do it carefully and always check the terms with rules, that are, of course, unchangeable for everyone.

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