Receiving Someone Else's Loan: How to Stay Safe

With the rapid development of online banking, payday loans became a new opportunity to thieves and frauds from all over the world. Scammers of all kinds found a way to steal your money, getting people’s IDs, private information and phone numbers, co-working with local banks and their frivolous workers. Nowadays everyone can receive someone else’s loan and have no clue about their situation. It happens when even bank accountants use their position in order to give loans to strangers, using only photocopies and, consequently, stealing their money.

Your immediate steps

If you have this situation, you need to inform your bank immediately and find out whether your loan was made up indeed. For this, you will need to present a request with your private information (first and last name, address, phone number) and describe the situation in detail. Having received your request, the bank security department must hold an investigation. Authorized persons request and study all necessary documents:

  • Customer’s photo taken at the moment of receiving a loan
  • Ask the employee about documents, made for signing up a contract
  • Photos of the victim and the receiver are compared, so as their signatures. At this stage, you can usually tell whether the documents were made up and who’s in charge of this.
  • What if someone has your signature, but you haven’t taken the loan

First of all, you need to submit an application to the bank with a request to present the loan documents. When you find out that those documents indeed contain personal information, you should call the police. In a statement about the initiation of a criminal case, state all known facts, indicate that the found signature on the contract is fake. Simultaneously, you need to submit an application to the bank where you describe the problem. Your application will be the basis for an investigation. Reputable banks are serious about such investigations and, when establishing the fact of fraud, can withdraw its demands from you.

If the bank denies your claim and doesn’t withdraw their demands, you should take this case into a court. You must file a claim for recognition of the loan agreement invalid. If the bank insists on its terms and denies your compensational claim, you have a right to ask for a handwriting expert. Be sure to indicate that you are asking to transfer all examination costs to the respondent (the bank).

If the loan was not processed by you and no loan funds were received, there may be two reasons why the bank constantly reminds you of the need to repay the loan. Either a bank error occurred, or somebody uses your data without you knowing it. But if you have no idea who received the loan money, you don’t need to pay for somebody else’s debts. Ask to recheck the information. After finding the mistake, the bank either stops sending messages about the loans, or compensate this malfunction if the mistake was made by a bank assistant.

Cavanventures care about your privacy, so information about the list of the documents to present before receiving a loan is listed on the site. Beware of scams and always be sure to call the police, the bank or the court if something like this happens.

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