Flake Graphite


The Lake 19 graphite showing occurs in the Kisseynew Domain, slightly north of Lake 19. The showing area as mapped in 1969 is underlain by garnet-biotite gneiss, garnet-biotite-sillimanite gneiss, and locally, graphite-rich garnet-biotite gneiss. The band of graphite-rich garnet-biotite gneiss on the property contains about 30% graphite across a width of 20 ft (6.1 m). As noted in the Saskatchewan Mineral Deposits Index (SMDI), the Lake 19 occurrence is listed as flake graphite hosted within meta-sediments. (From the Saskatchewan Mineral Deposits Index: http://www.er.gov.sk.ca/SMDI).

The Saskatchewan Energy and Resources website notes that sedimentary-hosted flake graphite occurs in several domains in Canada, but the Kisseynew Domain, hosts the most significant known graphite locations. In 1976, the Deep Bay graphite deposit located approximately 20km to the north of Lake 19 was estimated to host historical reserves of 1.8 million tons grading 10.32% graphite to a depth of 60m (From the Saskatchewan Energy and Resources Model Number B-12: Sedimentary-hosted Flake Graphite, 2p). The reserve estimates are historical, and a qualified person has not done sufficient work to calssify the historical estimates as current mineral resources, therefore these historical estimates should not be relied upon, and do not have currently demonstrated economic viability. Approximately 30km to the northeast Strike Graphite are working the Deep Bay East project which is an area of historic graphite occurrences and prior drilling.

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